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About Namber Juice


A community grown from a shared passion for vaping... Join us and share our passion!

NamberJuice.com was created by two people, Nick and Amber, that are very passionate about vaping. The two of them actually met through the electronic cigarette community, as their shared passion sparked their long time romance.  Married since October of 2013, they are every bit as passionate about vaping as they are about Gypsy, their lovely chihuahua!

When you love something, doing it well comes naturally!

Over the years, Nick's love of vaping gave rise to one of the most popular Youtube "E-cig News and Reviews" channels in the world boasting

over 12 million views, while Amber's popular e-cig blog "The Vape Babe" became a cornerstone in the vaping community highlighting the world of vaping from a woman's point of view.

Combined, they've been vaping more years than vaping has existed and have both been sharing their story as well as reviewing the best and worst the industry has to offer.

Having tried thousands of e-juices, Nick and Amber pride themselves on being able to easily separate the good from the bad and the bad from the ugly.

After trying all those juices (including many awesome ones!) they still felt like something was missing and decided to use their experienced palates to create a high quality line of juices of their very own, Namber Juice.

All the juices on NamberJuice.com are 100% Original Creations, Made in the USA to the highest standards with nothing but the finest ingredients available in the world!

A difference you can taste!

In the end, an e-liquid is only as good as it is enjoyable, we've combined our years of experience to provide you with what we truly believe to be one of the best E-liquids the world has to offer!


To all of you, from Nick and Amber - Thank you and Happy Vaping!

Nick & Amber Green
Grimm Green & The Vape Babe